Doing business Austin since 1975

formerly Texas Radio and Wireless


About Us

Your one-stop shop for the sales, service and installation of a wide variety of Car Accessories, Car Audio, Car Stereo, video, security, navigation and hands-free devices. Established in 1975, we’re dedicated to providing first-rate services and top-quality products to every customer across Austin, Texas.


We offer the widest choice of car audio and entertainment systems from popular worldwide brands that are known for their quality and workmanship. Our range includes names like Kicker, Premier, JVC, Sony, Sirius, Kenwood, Panasonic, Audiovox, MTX, Clarion and others. We also offer security systems, navigation systems, cruise controls, neon lighting, and Bluetooth ands-free kits. We have a deep knowledge and experience in this industry and we are able to properly explain you the features and functions of different car audio systems and accessories and also about their advantages and disadvantages. With our help and guidance, you are able to select the most suitable car audio and entertainment system that will meet your needs and your budget.